Germany: THB LIBERI (Fighting THB and exploitation against children and young persons in Germany and Europe)

The ISF-funded project THB LIBERI is led by the German Federal Criminal Police Office and involves both German and Austrian police departments. The goal of THB LIBERI is to combat trafficking and exploitation of children and young people through a multi-disciplinary and innovative approach. It combines knowledge from different sectors in order to raise awareness of the characteristics of child trafficking, as it promotes a common approach to preventing and combatting it. To achieve this goal, THB LIBERI consists of three core areas in accordance with the current trends in trafficking in human beings: THB online, exploitation within familiar structures and personal evidence. THB LIBERI is highly operational and aims to reach out to those affected and endangered by the severe crimes of THB. By linking relevant key players and financing complex investigations, THB LIBERI is contributing to a safer Europe!

The project started on 1 July 2018 and is still running.

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