Hungary: Art for takeaway

“ART FOR TAKEAWAY” (ART-RAVALÓ) is a socio-art project for young adults (18-24 years) raised in state care, without parents or family, who face an increased risk of committing crimes and becoming victims. The young people participating in the project (usually 12-15 people) participate in arts and career-oriented training for 9 months. The training is registered in the Hungarian adult education system. Their goal is to create personal development through artistic activities, supporting the participants in forming a positive outlook on their self-image and future. Every year, they also put on a theatre play, based on literary material, using the participants’ improvisations. Thanks to the methodology, their general life management competencies, as well as their prospects for the future, for example regarding their careers, improve significantly. When the curtains come down after the programme, they step out into their independent adult lives armed with self-confidence, plans, practical knowledge and skills.

The project started on 1 September 2018 and is still running.

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