Since its establishment the National Crime Prevention Council of Hungary (NCPC) supports and organizes projects that are aiming to develop social competences, build resilience and deepen the crime prevention knowledge of the youth.

On the field of reduction and prevention of drug-related crime and harms caused by drug abuse among young people the NCPC has been active since 2013. At that time as the intellectual heritage of the Interactive Police Program the Re-Action road show was born. The road show together with the NCPC’s Experiential Education Training and the ‘Parents’ Academy’ educational video clips and the “FÜGE” Deviance Prevention Program operated by INDIT Public Foundation are a complex drug prevention programme package.

The Experiential Education Training is aiming to develop social competences, conflict solving techniques and self-awareness of the participants on a 4-day off-the-job training because those who are comfortable in their own skin are less endangered since they have more self-confidence they are more successful therefor they do not need to compensate by using alcohol, drugs and they less likely to become offenders or victims of a crime. Re-Action road show is a spectacular programme that each time involves hundreds of kids in crime prevention activities uses drama pedagogy, situational games, and lectures to deepen the crime prevention knowledge of the participants. In the episodes of ‘Parents’ Academy’ professionals answer the most common questions raised by parents regarding to drugs.

The “FÜGE” Deviance Prevention Programme is a project run by the INDIT Public Foundation for addiction and holistic health that focuses on crime prevention, using universal and targeted prevention elements and methodologies, with preventive activities in schools or community settings. It is aimed at promoting social and communication development and sensitisation.


The programme has been running continuously since 2013.
Last review: January 2020.


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