The Forum Theatre in the prevention of crime

The principal aim of this project is to decrease the incidence of delinquent behavior among teenagers and to nurture skills to strengthen their resistance to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances that affect the psyche. The project also aims to improve their critical thinking and their sense of responsibility for their actions and behavior, by applying the effective psychological-creative “Forum Theatre” method in a form specially tailored for social risk teenagers.

The Forum Theatre method was adapted specifically for this target group – teenagers with a record of delinquent behavior. Creative-psychological group-associative practical activities were organized with a view to fostering partnership relationships that teach participants how to listen attentively to another person and to understand him/her while remaining yourself; how to express your own wishes and views without offending another person; how to analyze conflicts; and how to understand and recognize straightforward things that make everyday situations complex.

The project was implemented away from the young people’s everyday environment, paying attention to their social skills development by organizing for this purpose adventure trips and tasks to be performed in unaccustomed situations. The Forum theatre spectacle was arranged with an aim to present the Forum Theatre method to a wider audience.

The manual for the method, “Toward the Forum Theatre ... the Forum Theatre method for problem solving”, was disseminated to the teenage target group, teachers, social workers, psychologists, inspectors, parents, friends.


Public institution „House of Arts and Education” ;


The project started in 2006 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.