Together In Safety In Veszprem 'To support the implementation of programmes made to curb violation of the law in public spaces'

Veszprém City Police Department regards its aim of primary importance to increase the public safety of the city of Veszprém, the feeling of safety of the population of the county seat and that of its visitors. In order to carry out this aim in co-operation with Metropolitan Municipality of the City of Veszprém we produced “A complex model project to curb violations of the law in public spaces” in 2006, which contains a middle range strategy for 2007-2009 under the title of “TOGETHER IN SAFTEY IN VESZPRÉM”.

The major aim of the strategy is to establish and to operate a system of crime prevention and public safety in Veszprém with wide social support, under the guidance Veszprém City Police Department and Metropolitan Municipality of the City of Veszprém, which improves the order in public spaces, maintains public order and improves the quality of life for the population of the city and for the tourists visiting here.

The Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement invited a project in 2006 under the title “To support the implementation of programmes made to curb violations of the law in public spaces” through which we had the opportunity to gain financial support for one year for the implementation of the aims drawn up in the strategy. Apart from the Metropolitan Municipality of the City of Veszprém the project was supported by 41 organs which regard public safety of the city of Veszprém and the increase of feeling of safety in local population an important task.

For the co-ordination of the activities of the contributing organs and for managing the operation of this complex system the Forum for the Safety in Public Spaces was established in August 2007. Novelty in the strategy embodies the idea that all contributors run their own programmes enjoying full autonomy, perform their tasks while they contribute to the implementation of common programmes, which have a significantly positive effect on the order in public spaces.

The forum set up three professional teams, which coordinate the implementation of programmes outlined in the project:

  • The basic task of the team Nr. 1 is to form the most appropriate organizational and operational frameworks to cater for the collection of data and analyses necessary to the planning of programmes, to continually monitor the changes, the achieved results and to readjust its structure in accordance to actual situations. Providing feedback with the collected data considering the system of quality assurance in case of need it should make proposals to the Forum regarding modification in the organizational structure or in other issues within its power.
  • The basic tasks of the team Nr. 2 is to take measures through the activity of its members, which effectuate or reinforce resources already existing which exert favourable impact on the order of public spaces. This aim is achieved not necessarily by creating new resources, rather by enhancing the ones in the already existing resources by putting them into motion. Over its activity all objective, institutional, material, intellectual, human and other components are taken into account.
  • The basic task of the team Nr. 3 is to do activities through related contributors which increase the capability of protection, self-protection of the entities which are victimologically highly vulnerable – such as individuals, institutions, shops, and other endangered places – apart from palliating the negative effects which influence the order in public spaces.

Veszprém City Police Department in agreement with the contributing organs has put an aim to implement the tasks of promoting public safety further on, also in the forthcoming years, in accordance with the middle range strategy.


The project started in 2006 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.