Youth Against Drugs

Youth Against Drugs


Project Youth Against drugs carried out innovative approach to crime prevention among youth - simulations role games and large anti - drug media campaign “If you use drugs, drugs actually use you” targeted to young people in public places, social media in the internet (so called Latvian Facebook) und youth TV programs.

The aims of above mentioned activities decreased drug demand and drug supply as well as raise awareness of high school and first year university students about all the consequences of drug use. During the internet campaign “If you use drugs, drugs actually use you” more than 10 800 users saw so called digital “marihuana dealer” and at the first step more than 40 518 “virtual arrests” took place and encouraged young people to read crime prevention information posted by police. During the internet campaign more than 50 000 people visited crime prevention info page of State police for young people

More than 600 questions were posted to the specially allocated experts during the project in the internet.


The Project started in February 2010 and finished in February 2012.
Last review: November 2016.


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