Self - Assertion Seminar : Active against violence

Self - Assertion Seminar : Active against violence


The project is inspired by the LU national police slogan: ‘Active for more security’. Their ambition is an educational advertising in question of a correct behaviour in hazardous situations and the identification of dangers without increasing the anxiety.

The project is a cooperation which connects public, official and private resources. It is a joint venture of the professional competence from the police, the expertise from the ministry of Equality and specialised organisations in victim assistance and prevention.

The bureau of crime prevention of the LU police trains the attendants of this course in cooperation with 8 partners in the field of self-assertion.

The program is composed by the following modules:
    • Aspects of behavioural prevention
    • Coolness training in critical situations
    • Self-defence
    • The phenomenon of mobbing and how to react to it
    • The use of video surveillance in public spaces (CCTV)
    • Victim assistance provided by public resources
    • Victim assistance for women
    • Information for authors of violence

The ambition is to show the alternatives of handling, to realise the danger, to increase one’s self-assurance, to boost the overall feeling of safety and finally to enhance the quality of life.




The project started in 2011 and is still running.
Last review: September 2017.