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Combating cyber crime is a top priority of all federal and state police forces in Germany. The corresponding strategy informs political, strategic and operational decision-makers about...

  • Germany
  • Cybercrime
  • Child sexual exploitation
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  • 2019

The overall objective of this project is to offer professionals the skills and mechanisms necessary to improve their performance, and the protection and support of victims of domestic...

  • Portugal
  • Violence
  • Domestic violence
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  • 2021
In Romania, sexual crimes have been scarcely tackled in criminological studies so that, at present, there has only been disparate data and statistics regarding this type of crime. In the context of accurate information being the basis to ensure efficient preventive endeavours as well as having in view the fact that the prevention of sexual crimes against minors is one of the priorities of the Romanian Police in the field of crime prevention.
  • Romania
  • Sexual violence
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Research
  • 2012