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The Union’s capacity to eradicate gender-based violence is intended to be improved. The creation of a European Observatory to draw up a common diagnosis of the problem, as well as the adoption of a European Protection Order for the victims, will be two essential initiatives that will be advanced by the Spanish Presidency to achieve concrete progress on this matter.
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  • 2014
E-Book on the 4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape: Rape, survivors, policies and Support Systems a European Challenge.
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  • 2014
In short, the project was coordinated by the Latvian Ministry of Interior and conducted under the European Union programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime”. The project team developed the concept “exploitative sham marriage” in order to describe the phenomenon studied. Each partner conducted a national research which was coordinated and led by HEUNI. Primarily qualitative data was collected, such as expert and victim interviews in combination with case descriptions from NGOS and embassies. Also statistical information and pre-trial investigation and court material were utilised. The report is written for a large variety of experts and professionals working in the field of anti-trafficking.
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